Why Shiji's POS is your Restaurant's Solution to Social Distancing

Learn how Shiji's POS System, Infrasys Cloud and MyCheck can give your restaurant guests have a safer and better experience.

One-Click Payment to booking.

Multiple payment methods can be registered on their mobile devices and would therefore lessen contact between your staff and your customers. Customers can book or reserve a table online and pre-order to lessen their time in the restaurant.

Digital Check-In/Out experience.

This feature is partnered with your existing PMS. Guests can choose rooms, check-in, view their folios and check-out via the mobile application. Shiji's POS works flawlessly with Infor's Hotel Management System. You may follow this link for Infor HMS's contactless features.

Digital Dining Experience.

A fully integrated Pay-at-Table or Counter, Order Ahead, Loyalty and Rewards experience provided by MyCheck. Shiji's Infrasys Cloud also provides digital menus which you can customize. This can be accessed by your customers on their mobile phones.

To learn more or schedule a demo, please send us an e-mail at sales@courtesypoint.com.

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