Travel and Hospitality Shifts Arising During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Private property rentals are becoming a safer choice over hotel stays

Because of travel restrictions and as safety precautions, travelers have been choosing to rent private accommodations which are accessible by land transportation. The recent drop in gas prices is also encouraging to explore nearby sights. Private accommodations such as AIRBNBs, private resorts and the like are becoming the preferred choice for most since these are more isolated and social distancing can be easily followed.

Smart services for accommodations are sought-after

Technology has always played a big part in traveling and smart services offered by hotels has been practiced for quite a while now. However, the pandemic is pushing the hospitality industry more aggressively towards the direction of the usage of mobile check-in and check-out, mobile key entry and other contactless technologies. Start-up IT companies will start popping up here and there providing more affordable services to private rentals.

Sanitization is now the focus of hospitality marketing

Hotels and other accommodations are banking on sanitization to make travelers feel safe when staying with them. Additional cleanliness standards and guidelines are being practiced to ensure that their clients would feel at ease and enjoy their holidays. These guidelines are what will set other hotels, resorts and rented properties apart from others.

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