Infor Hospitality Management System Version 3.8 Update Highlights

Rate Shop Screen

Rate Shop

With the new Rate Shop module, you can choose the rate and room type per day before completing the reservation as opposed to the older version where you need to save the reservation first before you can customize the daily rate. This will allow you to quote rates for walk-in guests quicker.

Amenities Report Sample

Amenities Module

The Amenities Module allows users to add amenities that need to be set up in guests' rooms, such as wine bottles, food, flower setup, etc. Items can be grouped together according to VIP categories, or added to any reservation on-the-fly. A report of guests and their preferences can be printed and given to the departments assigned for room preparations. This module also helps users to easily track the delivery of each amenity in the guests' rooms.

Guest Consent Screen

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

To keep up with the Data Privacy Laws being practised in different parts of the world, HMS has included the GDPR module wherein the hotel can set the Data Privacy Terms and Conditions and have the guests acknowledge this upon check-in.

Mobile Application Screen


Apart from the updates from the HMS Main Desktop Application, the HMS Mobile App also has new features which includes the following:

  • GDPR Fields

  • Lost and Found Module update

  • Housekeeping Mobility App updates

  • iPad updates

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