CMS Mobile App Features

As part of CPTI's Club Management System v1.2.0, we will be launching a Mobile Application that works hand-in-hand with our Web Application with the following features:

Update Profile

Club Members can update their basic information stored in the Club Membership System

View Statement of Account

Club Members can receive, download and view their billing statements

Add and View Reservation

Club Members can view the availability of the club amenities in real-time and make their reservations without having to proceed to the reception

News Feed

Club Members can view the list of promotions, discounts, events, deals and other club announcements

Instant Notifications

Club Members will receive promotions, updates, and other club announcements via Push or SMS Notifications

These features of the CMS Mobile Application will not only make life more convenient for the Club Members, but it will also boost the club's sales through simple marketing strategies integrated in the Mobile Application.


To schedule a demo for our Club Management System, please send us an e-mail through You may also view the Club Management System Brochure here.

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