Advantages of the Hybrid Cloud Model

The Hybrid Cloud Model is quickly becoming the best choice in different industries. Why? And what is Hybrid Cloud?

It simply means that you have a cloud based server, as well as an on-premise server working hand in hand. You may opt to either use the Cloud Server as your main server and your on-premise server as your back-up or vice versa. Why is having a Cloud Server and a Local Server beneficial for you?

1. Flexibility

Business needs are constantly changing and your team can benefit from having a private server on where they can build and test new software without having to completely reorganize your IT resources and architecture.

2. Cost Effectiveness

When Data Centers are forced to do too many tasks, it becomes inefficient because it is doing less crucial tasks side to side with the crucial tasks. Non-essential jobs can actually be covered by the cloud to make way for your on-premise resources to do the important jobs.

Another reason why the Hybrid Cloud is cost effective is because software and security updates are done automatically. No need to waste time and money undergoing site maintenance just for these upgrades; You can just focus on growing your business!

Employees can also opt to work from anywhere in case of emergencies and will not attribute to profit loss.

3. Security

A lot of businesses store sensitive data on their servers for their clients. With the Hybrid Cloud Model, these sensitive data are protected in the on-premise server and other resources can still be called in the cloud server.

4. Stability

Even the biggest and most reliable cloud service providers experience downtime. By keeping certain functions accessible in your on-premise server, businesses protect themselves from network failures.

5. Disaster Recovery

Having a constant cloud back-up of all the data saved in your on-premise server will make getting all your data back effortlessly in case any kind of disaster happens to your property. Also, even when system undergoes a failure, data is still accessible with little to no downtime.

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